Friday, July 20, 2012

New Look ..... New Services

Jen's Digital Creations is taking on a new look and creating a whole new line of services. I am creating a web page to explain all the details @ I have found that in order to create with photos we must have our photos organized and I hope to personally help those in my home town go from photo chaos to photo blitz. I also hope to provide tips and ideas for those readers not living in my area.
As well as organizational services, I hope to meet your photo creative needs. Through a weekly newsletter I will offer 101 Things You Can do with Photos. In it will be ideas, suggestions, tutorials, templates, and price comparison of various printing resources. This blog will facilitate all updates on services, creative product information, 101 Newsletter Feed, and continue to offer scrapbooking templates and freebies (as this is my creative passion). I hope you join me and stick around on my new exciting adventure.

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